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Don’t swim or run if you have been suffering from any illness within the previous 48 hours

Stop if you are dizzy, have chest pains or nausea and seek help from our medical teams along the route

If feeling unwell during any swim legs – raise one hand directly above your head and the Water Safety team will assist you

Drink and First Aid stations will be provided on course and at finish line


(Pursuant to Civil Liability Act 2002 - Section 5M)

Ocean swims are demanding and potentiall dangerous events. Risk include drowning, natural obstacles, man-made obstacles or controlled obstacles, and marine attack. This event takes place in the open ocean. Competitors enter at their own risk. You should have a medical check prior to entry, and prepare for the event by training. Water safety/course marshals will patrol the course for the duration of the event. If a competitor feels unable to proceed further in the event, the attention of the water safety/course marshals should be sought.


For a detailed course map for the
3 Points Challenge event Download Click Here

Note that his course layout is subject to change on race day due to conditions. A brieifng outlining the final course will be provided 15 minutes prior to the start of the event.

  1. The race organiser reserves the right to reject or cancel any entry in the race at any time.
  2. Swim caps must be worn in the Ocean Swim event - swim caps are supplied by the event.
  3. Pink High Visibility Rash vests MUST be worn in the 3 Points Challenge event for all legs - vests are supplied by the event, although you can bring vests from previous years and wear those.
  4. Shoes to be worn in every run leg of the 3 Points Challenge, and can only be removed once the final return run leg takes competitors onto the beach at North Curl Curl
  5. In the spirit of fairness, we will not permit the use of footwear that can be used in the swim legs e.g. Vibram FiveFingers shoes, and the use of full length wetsuits/swim suits (arms or legs covered) will not be permitted unless water temperatures are deemed too cold, or there are other prevailing conditions that warrant the wearing of wetsuits. If a competitor needs to wear a wetsuit due to circumstances beyond the conditions, the race director has the right to allow the competitor to particpate, but that competitor will not be eligible for any places or prizes
  6. Each competitor will swim/run/walk on the approved course, as directed by race marshals, and cannot accept outside assistance.
  7. NO ROAD RUNNING, competitors must stay on footpaths as directed by race marshals
  8. Competitors must negotiate all swim cans as directed on each swim leg.
  9. The race organisers reserve the right to alter advertised event courses, distances, both run and swim to suit race day conditions & address any safety concerns identified on race day.
  10. All competitors are to behave in a fair and sportsmanslike manner without interference or aggression towards other competitors and any breach may result in disqualification from the event
  11. If in the opinion of an event official/marshal a competitor is physically or otherwise incapable of starting or completing the event or has been in the water for an inordinate time such a competitor may be disqualified from starting or be removed from the water at any time

Failure to comply with one or more of the race rules may result in disqualification from the event.

Prize winners (or an agreed delegate) must be present on race day to claim any prize (financial or otherwise)

Note also that in the event of event postponement or cancellation due to conditions on race day, entry fees are not refundable. Decisions on this matter will be taken if necessary by the event organisers.


The Ocean Swim will start at 09:00am

The 3 Points Challenge will start at approximately 10:30am

The Invitational Dash for Cash will start approximately 15 minutes after the leaders complete the 3 Points Challenge.

All races will start from on the beach in front of the North Curl Curl Surf Club. Competitors are required to marshall at the race start area 15 minutes before the start of each race.


All competitors in the Ocean Swim will recieve a swim cap, which MUST be worn for the Ocean Swim. All competitors in the 3 Points Challenge will recieve a pink high visibility singlet that MUST be worn throughout the race. This has been brought about to improve the safety of competitors, and is in alignment with the water safety policies of Surf Life Saving Australia. Any competitor failing to wear the caps or singlet during the event will be disqualified automatically. The caps and singlets will be provided to all competitors on race day when registering your attendance for the event.

IMPORTANT: If you have a pink high visibility singlet from previous events, please bring it along and use it rather than collecting a new singlet. This will help reduce our running costs, which in turn helps us to keep our entry fees from rising in the future.


Car Parking: North Curl Curl Beach has metered parking (Northern Beaches Council residents with council parking stickers can park free). Please note that the far east side of the car park will be closed off for race transition area setup. Parking is also available in Mid Curl Curl, just off Griffin Rd. For map of available parking Download Click Here

Race Day Registration: All entrants must register and mark off their attendance on race day at North Curl Curl Surf Club, in order to recieve their race numbers and timing chips, as well as the mandatory swim caps for the Ocean Swim and the mandatory Pink High Visibility Rash vests for the 3 Points Challenge.

Registration will be open from 7:00am until 8:30am for the Ocean Swim, and 7:00am until 9:30am for the 3 Points Challenge.

Late Entry: Any Late Entries can be made as per the Race Entry & Registration Info page. Please ensure you provide ample time for your entry to be processed.

A $10 blanket late entry fee will be charged for all competitors for all races and categories - cash or cheque only will be accepted.

Race Briefing: Approximately 20 mins before each event, all competitors are required to attend the race briefing for instructions, held in the Surf Club or on the beach below the Surf Club depending on conditions. Listen for announcements that will direct competitors to the briefings.Any changes to the event format due to conditions on the day will be communicated at the race briefings.

Race Transition Areas: Prior to the start of the 3 Points Challenge, competitors should place their running shoes in position at the first transition area that will be setup in the car park in front of the North Curl Curl Surf Club.

You will put your running shoes on post the first swim, and run in them to the 2nd Transition area at South Curl Curl and then Freshwater. There will be similar transition areas setup at South Curl Curl and Freshwater for competitors to take off their running shoes before the respective swim leg, and then put them back on for the next run leg. You only need 1 pair of running shoes !!!


Return of Timing Chips: All competitors must return their timing chip once they have completed the event. There will be members of the North Curl Curl Surf Club collecting the timing chips near the finish line.

Note: Any competitor that does not return their timing chip will be charged $50.

Race Prize Presentation: Presentation of prizes for place getters in the Ocean Swim and the 3 Points Challenge will be made at approximately 12:00 pm after the completion of the Invitational Dash for Cash. Presentations will be held outside the boat shed area on the western side of the North Curl Curl Surf Club (weather permitting). Food and refreshments will be available.

Note: All placegetters (or agreed nominated delegates) must be present at the prize presentation to recieve their prizes. The race organisers reserve the right to keep any unclaimed prizes and prize money, and will not be contacting prize winners post the event