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For all Senior Club registration enquiries, please contact the Club Registrar by email at

For all Nippers registration enquiries, please contact the Junior Activities team by email at, and for additional Nippers information visit the Nippers page.


For information on gaining your Bronze Medallion or any other surf lifesaving qualification at North Curl Curl Surf Life Saving Club visit our Education page.


How to create your LifeSaving Online account

For addition SLSA Members Portal info Go To Click Here


Membership Forms


If you need more information on joining the North Curl Curl Surf Life Saving Club, or any membership questions, please send an email to the club registrar at or for all Nippers registration enquiries, please contact the Junior Activities team by email at


New Members Registration

Did you miss this year's Club Registration Day ? If you did and you want to join the club, please send an email to the club registrar at


Information for RENEWING Members

This year we would like all renewals of memberships to be done Online via the SLSA Member Portal. If you already have an account just log on, renew and pay online! Make sure you check and update all of your details. To access the portal Go To Click Here

If you don't have a SLSA Member Portal account it's easy to create...... follow the steps on the portal access screen. You can even set up the whole family under one Family Group.

If you need more help with this Go To Click Here.

IMPORTANT – when you submit your renewal for an individual or family group you will be prompted to make an online payment - please esnure you pay for ALL the members that are being renewed

Please ensure you pay when renewing memberships or your renewal will be rejected !!

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FAQ's for Registration and Club Membership

What Age Group Will My Child Be in ?

The Surf Club calendar year is 1st October – 30th September so is dependent on your child's age on 1st October. Eg if you child turned 8 on or before 30th September 2016, they will be in the Under 9 age group.

For Nippers Age Group Catagories for the current season Go To Click Here

What if I am a member of another Club?

If you have been a member of another Club then you can transfer to North Curl Curl which we can do electronically under your request. If you wish to retain dual membership then you need to advise when you join. If you do not specify then a full transfer will be done by default.

  • Please email if you have any questions in relation to transfers
  • When your record is transferred, all award & patrol information (if applicable) will transfer.
  • We will reconcile the data transferred against the form you provide us and update accordingly.
  • Your membership with North Curl Curl will not be valid until such time as your membership transfer is complete. This is reliant on your previous Club but generally within 1-2 weeks.
  • Where are my details recorded?

    The information you provide on your registration form is recorded on the National SLSA database – Surfguard. There is a secure audit trail on any changes made to your records. From time to time we may require update of particular information. This will be requested in writing.

    Who has access to my information & how is it used?

  • Surf Life Saving Australia, SLSNSW (State), SLSSNB (Branch) and the Club(s) you are a member of.
  • At Club level we use your information to contact you if required, report on various groups within the Club.
  • Your details are not released to any third parties.
  • What is my SLSA Portal Account?

  • Your SLSA Portal account is your full SLSA member record
  • You can update your details or renew your membership
  • You can have Family Group and update everything through one account
  • Full award history including proficiencies
  • You can download a copy of your award certificates
  • Full details of patrol hours (since 2005)
  • Patrol substitution system for Patrols
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    Membership Fees for 2016/2017 Season

    Nippers and Family Memberships

    Mandatory – one parent/guardian must join per Nipper family

    Adult ($70) & Nipper 1st Child ($95)
    Nipper 2nd Child
    Nipper 3rd Child (if not included in family membership
    Nipper 4th Child and Over

    Please note – Nipper adults who meet patrol member criteria for discount will have fees calculated accordingly with extra family members calculated towards family group membership cap as below

    Family Group Membership

    Family Group Membership is capped when family membership totals reach $275

    U14 and Over Membership

    Cadet Member (13-15 yrs)
    Active Junior Member (15-18 yrs)
    Active Senior
    Active Reserve
    Long Service
    Associate (non-voting club volunteer)
    Pensioner (all categories)
    Probationary (Training for Bronze Medallion)
    General Member (Social - no club involvement)
    Life Member

    Patrol Members Only

    The following fees are based on the associated criteria.

    2016/2017 rostered patrol member
    100% Patrol for 2015/2016 & on rostered patrol
    National Patrol Award recipient & on rostered patrol
    No Fee

    Note: 2015/2016 100% Patrol members must pay before 31st Oct 2016 otherwise normal $50.00 rostered patrol member fees apply

    NCCSLSC Trainers & Assessors

    SLS Instruction Trainers & Assessors with
    No Fee
    National Patrol Award & still active in education

    All other Trainers and Assessors pay membership fees as outlined in above member sections

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    Membership Categories

    Probationary Membership:

    Probationary membership is designated to person for the time period between applying for membership and the gaining of an award and/or the granting of a formal category.

    Junior Activities Membership (Nippers):

    Nippers in the Under 6 (5 yrs) and Under 7 (6 yrs are not affiliated with SLSA and are not eligible to compete in carnivals or participate in any older age group.

    A Junior Activity Member has a minimum age of seven (7) years up to a maximum age of thirteen (13) years and shall be required to gain the relevant Surf Education Certificate for that Child's age group.

    For Nippers Age Group Catagories for the current season Go To Click Here

    Cadet Membership:

    Cadet members are 13 – 15 years old and who has obtained the Surf Life Saving Certificate (SRC) or has passed an annual proficiency test.

    Active Membership:

    An Active Junior member is aged 15 to 18 years of age.

    An Active Senior member is aged 18 years Plus.

    An Active Member shall;

    Reserve Active Membership:

    General Membership: (Social Member)

    Long Service Membership:

    Award Membership

    Associate Membership:

    Honorary Membership:

    A club may grant Honorary Membership to persons who may or may not hold on SLSA award.

    Life Membership:

    Life membership may be granted to members who have rendered distinguished, or special service as provided for in that club's constitution and is relevant to that club only and awarded at the Club's AGM.

    Past Active Membership:

    Dual Membership:

    In relation to dual or multi-club membership the following shall apply: -

    Restriction On Membership

    In relation to membership restriction the following shall apply: -

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