Be Safe On Your Next Beach Vacation

It is important for everyone to know some basic beach safety tips to prevent injuries while at the beach, as well as saving precious time on the ocean. Beach safety is a priority, especially during the summer months when water temperatures are typically more than a few degrees higher than the air temperature. The sun can be too hot sometimes, especially during sunset. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings and be prepared for the worst case scenario, which could include injury. Here are some simple, yet effective tips for being safe at all times:

Surf Life Saving Tips One of the best beach safety tips is to always look out for surf life saving tips. Life saving is not just about preventing surfing accidents; it’s also about avoiding getting caught in rip currents or other dangerous situations. The first rule is to never go alone into the ocean. When going alone, wear bright-colored clothing, such as bright blue, black, or yellow, to blend in with the sea creatures that live in and around the shoreline. If you have questions about your surroundings or want more information about what you’re seeing, then use a Marine radio or distress beacon.

Another important beach safety tips is to not drink lots of water, even if it is sunny outside. Hydration is key, since it helps keep you cool, allowing you to stay out of the riskiest sea encounters. Always carry an ice pack in a ziplock bag, as well. If the ocean is very warm, or if it is at its warmest during your visit, then drink lots of water, or start re-hydrating with a sports drink and a bit of sugar. You will also want to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, since they are high in electrolytes and will keep you hydrated.

One of the most basic beach safety tips is also one of my favorites: always swim with lifeguards. A lifeguard is someone who is specifically trained to spot life in the water, as well as being able to help a stranded swimmer. They can be found at all beaches, on board any lifeguard boats, and at most patrolled sites. If you know there is a bad tide coming up, or that the surf is coming, or that a break is about to come, then you should always swim with a lifeguard close by.

In terms of sunscreen usage, only use sunscreen when you absolutely need to. I suggest that everyone carry enough sunscreen with them to last for a few days if possible. If you are staying on the beach for more than a day, I recommend picking up some sunblock and going to bed early with it. When going out for an extended period of time during any type of surf, sunscreen is even more important because it will provide protection from the wind and the surf. Don’t forget your sunglasses when you are surfing, since they will greatly reduce the amount of damage caused by the surf. Just remember these beach safety tips as a guide to a great beach trip!

Another tip I can give is to always swim in the direction of the current. If you see a white foam coming from under the surface of the water, this is a good indication that it’s time to get out of the water. This is called edging and is very important, especially for swimmers who are going into the ocean for the first time. Always swim against the current, even if it gets a little choppy.

Finally, one of the best beach safety tips I can give you is to pay attention to jellyfish. Jellyfish are nasty little things, and they move quickly. You can easily lose track of them because of their quick movements. Always keep your eyes peeled for jellyfish while you are on a surf board, and if you see one approaching, get out of the water as quickly as possible.

Keeping yourself safe and prepared on your next beach vacation is important for everyone. Never leave home without having all of your gear together, including life jackets and sunglasses. And of course, don’t forget to stay safe and follow all of the above beach safety tips as well. With the right preparations, you can enjoy yourself on your next vacation.

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