How to Become a Surf Life Saver

Learning how to become a surf life saver can help you save countless lives in the ocean. A beach life saver is someone who undertakes many different types of risks on the beach. The person who lives for the adventure of life goes beyond the boundaries of safety to educate others about the dangers and benefits of beach living. Lifeguards play an important role as well in helping people enjoy their leisure time by preventing injuries from falling into the sea. However, it takes a lot of risk to volunteer your time in the sun.


To volunteer safely, you should undertake the following steps: Have a Qualification or Experience – The very first step in terms of being a qualified and experienced surfer is to get a Qualification. Most Surf Life Saving Clubs will require you to obtain at least a Surf Life Saving Certificate first before they start looking for volunteers. A Surf Life Saving Certificate can be obtained from any Surfers Club. Once you have obtained your certificate, you can undertake additional surf rescue training as per requirement. If you want to further improve your skills, then you can undertake further classes.

Join a Surf Life Saver Team – It is highly recommended that you join a local Surf Life Saver Team, which meets once a week. These teams are usually made up of at least three people. The objective of the Surf Life Saver Team is to ensure that everyone in the group knows how to swim. This ensures that there is always somebody on hand to give first aid when needed. You should also join a Surf Life Saver Academy as there are more advanced courses that you can undertake after getting your surf lifesaver certificate.

Earn Your Bronze Medallion – The Surfers Club will award you a bronze medal, which is the highest award that you can receive. To earn this medal, you must undertake a comprehensive assessment test. If you pass this test, then you will be awarded your bronze medallion.

Participate In Competitions – The easiest way of how to become a surf life saving club participant is by participating in competitions. There are several surf life saving clubs in the world, which conduct regular competitions to recognize the best and most promising swimmers. Usually, these competitions take place in shallow waters off the coast of South Australia. However, you need to register with your local Surfers Club in order to participate. If you wish to participate, you will need your surf lifesaving certificate.

Get Your Surf Life Saving Certificate And Nippers Qualifications – The certificate proves that you have completed the required prerequisites. In case you do not possess one, you will be required to undertake a training program before you can apply for a certificate. The training program usually lasts about a month. Once you get your certificate, you will be able to submit your application to the Surfers Club. Your certification proves that you have undertaken the required prerequisites and you can now apply for a surf rescue certificate.

Join The Club – After you get your certificate, you will be eligible to join the club. The requirements of the application vary from state to state. You will be required to undertake at least two hours of CPR training. Furthermore, you will also be required to undertake at least twenty hours of refresher training each year in order to maintain your CPR qualification. Once you achieve the bronze medallion or high standing that you were hoping for, you will automatically be eligible to enroll in the CPR course that you will need in order to join the Coastwatch Volunteer Service.

I hope that this article has helped you understand the basics of how to become a surf rescue specialist. Just remember to always carry your first aid kit and surf awareness apparel, because no matter where you are you never know when you might need these items. Follow these simple guidelines and you will be on your way to being a certified lifesaver.

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